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Production Services

Established 1980

Special Events / Documentaries

Document and preserve your special events with a professionally produced video. Single or multiple camera set-up. May include interviews, behind-the-scenes and/or outtakes. Titles, credits, music, sound effects, graphics, etc., are added in post-production. Videos are 100% customized to client needs.

Conferences / Commercial & Industrial Video / WEB Commercials

Promote your business, product or service with a website commercial, tailored to your specific advertising objectives, image and message. Location or studio taping with single and/or multiple cameras. Videos are customized to your needs.


Large or small, we handle projects from conception through post production, including scripting, on-screen talent and voice-overs. Meetings will be required prior to filming, to define specific objectives and to review concepts/proposals. Post production services include titles/credits, graphics, music, sound effects and photo montage. Videos are uploaded to the WEB, or delivered on DVD.


2nd Unit Camera Operator

Enhance your own Video Production project with an experienced 2nd unit camera operator. Please call for rates.

Video Production

Editing Music

Independent Film

NIGG MEDIA Productions

NIGG MEDIA Productions

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Phone: 630.803.0564

Email: dnigg@aol.com

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